Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Spring Schedule 2017

Spring Schedule 2017

Spring is one of my most favorite seasons! It means rebirth and renewal. I hope to exemplify these in my new spring work in raku.  I am combining the soft smoked blackness of the raku firing and copper to showcase the white flowers of spring.  With open cut work and texture, the flowers come alive.  I hope that you will visit me at a spring show and see my new work.

February 2017:

February 10 - 12:  Springtime Made in the South - Savannah International Trade and Convention Center, Savannah, Georgia

March 3 - 5:  Craftsmen Classic - Richmond Virginia

March 10 - 12:  Craftsmen Classic - Columbia State Fairgrounds - Columbia, South Carolina

March 24 - 25:  Catawba Valley Pottery Festival - Hickory Metro Convention Center, Hickory, North Carolina 

Please visit my website for more information on my unique raku: 

My email is:  jettclay@aol.com